Sammlung Walter was founded by the siblings and designer duo Merle Richter and Till Richter.

Till and Merle Richter at Salon Karoline Rütter (Photo: Steffen Vogt)


Sammlung Walter is a fashion and interior design label, and was founded in 2018 by Merle Richter and Till Richter. With Sammlung Walter the two designers explore the art of fabrication. For this purpose the studio structure is divided into two frameworks.

The editions focuses on products in the three variationsDIY, Industrial, and Craft. Each edition exhibits its own unique form by following three core principles: straightforward designs, practical methods of production and high standards in regards to the overall quality of designs and materials. All products are available in the online shop.

In the laboratory all kinds of projects are created. By investigating production processes, our projects include collaborations with artists, researches on specific topics or holistic interior concepts.


For reaching the highest measure in quality, Sammlung Walter cooperates with diverse professionals and profits from their special expertise.
Merle Richter
Till Richter
Sandra Schollmeyer ( Website)
Lisa Haas ( Instagram)
Lisa Vogt ( Website)
Mechthild Vogt
Barbara Proschak ( Website)
Christoph Schaller ( Website)
Isabella Hager ( Website)
Jonas Fischer ( Website)
Rahel Pasztor ( Website)
Björn Behrens ( Website)
Ana Saraiva ( Instagram)
Lilli Zoe Bauer ( Instagram)
Santiago Lösslein Pulido ( Instagram)
Sophie Klockenbusch ( Instagram)
Hair & Makeup
Fritzi Feldmann ( Instagram)
Insa Wagner ( Instagram)
Art Print
Bernd Hoffmann
Doris Pahl
Eunjung Kwak ( Website)
Lea Hinrichs ( Instagram)
Suse Bauer ( Website)
Anna Schilling & Johannes Ellmer ( Website)
William Schwartz
Die Brueder ( Website)
Johanna Padge
Brand Strategy & UX-Design
NAMENAME Creative Partners ( Website)


In an ongoing series the Sammlung Walter brand mark will be reinterpreted by changing designers, illustrators and artists. The emblem always shows the three colours with identical square measures. This serves as a symbol for the production methods DIY, Industrial and Craft.

Eunjung Kwak


Since September 2020



Eunjung Kwak is a Berlin based graphic designer who has a keen sense of translating multi-dimensional aspects of a subject into concise yet poetic visual analysis.

She excavates unique and uncanny essences of a subject matter into a convincing visual dialogue which provides both challenging and intriguing discourses.

Thank you, for the inspiring design of the fourth emblem.


Lea Hinrichs


Since September 2019


The third emblem is a creation of the Berlin-based graphic designer Lea Hinrichs.

Lea Hinrichs' daily work for a wide and diverse range of clients from the cultural sector (including the Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst e.g.) is characterized by a minimalistic design language. She always strives to combine timeless design with the contemporary identity.

Thank you, for this fabulous work.


Suse Bauer


September 2018—October 2019


The artist Suse Bauer (born 1979 in Erfurt) designed the Sammlung Walter emblem for the period from September 2018 onwards. Thank you, for this wonderful paper work.

Suse Bauer's works are characterized by the question how art is used as a mediator for sketching utopias and how it acts as a hinge between reality and possibility.

Her oeuvre ranges from small-format paper works to large-scale mural reliefs, and includes drawings, digital prints, and objects made out of concrete and ceramics.


Anna Schilling & Johannes Ellmer


January 2018September 2018



Could it be more fitting? The debut of emblems was designed by Studio Hellllo.

The works of the designers Anna Schilling & Johannes Elllmer are distinguished by their typographic finesse and their love for illustration.
When Hellllo was asked to describe their way of working, they answered: We translate content into visible forms. Therefore we always strive to keep our aesthetic repertoire in motion.

Many thanks for this moving start.


Sammlung Walter legt höchsten Wert auf Nachhaltigkeit. Bereits heute bestehen unsere textilen Produkte nahezu vollständig aus ökologischen Materialien. Bei einzelnen, kleineren Bestandteilen, bei denen dieses seitens der Zulieferer noch nicht möglich ist, arbeiten wir aktiv an einer Verwirklichung. Die Qualität unserer, allesamt in Deutschland gefertigten Produkte, entsteht durch die Zusammenarbeit verschiedener Experten und ihren besonderem Fachwissen.

Unsere Entscheidungen werden immer im Blick der Nachhaltigkeit getroffen. Durch lange Recherchearbeit treffen wir nach besten Gewissen unsere Entscheidungen, wie Produkte geschaffen werden sollen. Dabei steht eine faire Arbeit bei der Produktion an erster Stelle.

Auch ökologischen Standard möchten wir mehr und mehr in unsere Normalität bringen und versuchen hier uns eine neue Arbeitswelt mehr und mehr aufzubauen. So beziehen wir zum Beispiel kbA Baumwoll- Garn aus Italien, GOTS zertifizierte Walkstoffe aus Österreich sowie ausschliesslich Holz aus Europäischer Forstwirtschaft.
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